Our Secret Rewards program is temporarily unavailable.

Dear valued customer,

We would like to inform you about an important update regarding our loyalty program. After careful consideration we have made the decision to put temporarily on hold our Secret Rewards Loyalty program until further notice, effective from 30/06/2023.

Over the years, our loyalty program has served as a token of appreciation for your continued support. We are truly honored to have you as loyal members, and we are grateful for the trust you have placed in our brand.

Although our loyalty Program is temporarily unavailable, please know that our commitment to delivering exceptional products and services remains unchanged. We believe that this decision will enable us to actively explore ways to improve and enhance our Loyalty Program for an even better customer experience.

We look forward to sharing exciting updates with you in the future and will keep you informed of any updates regarding the loyalty program status and any new initiatives we may introduce. 

During this temporary suspension, we want to emphasize that you will continue to receive the same exceptional products and services that you have come to expect from us. While the loyalty program may be on hold, our commitment to delivering outstanding customer service and high-quality products remains unwavering.

We understand that you may have questions or concerns regarding this change, our customer support team is ready to assist you and provide any clarification you may need. You can reach us through for specific questions.

When does the Secret rewards Program become unavailable?

The closing of the secret reward program is effective from the 30/06/2023. After this date, the program will no longer be active, and any unused points or rewards will expire.

Can I still register my code printed on the packaging on the website and earn loyalty points?

You have until the 29/06/2023 to register your codes and earn loyalty points. If your status is upgraded, you will then receive your reward in July. From the 30/06/2023 you will not be able to sign up to our loyalty program, enter a code printed on our fragrances packaging, earn loyalty points or redeem any rewards.

Can I still earn loyalty points by connecting my social account, filling my member profile or sharing #VRSECRETREWARDS?

From the 30/06/2024, all point earning mechanism will be on hold, including connecting social account, filling profile or sharing #VRSECRETREWARDS on social.

I am a Pink, Gold, Black, Platinum secret reward member, will I still receive rewards that comes with my status?

  • You have until the 29/06/2023 to enter your code printed on Viktor & Rolf’s fragrances packaging and upgrade your status.
  • If your status has been upgraded between the 1st of June and the 29th of June, you will then receive the reward that comes with your new status.
  • From the 30/06/2023, our loyalty program will be officially coming to an end, you will no longer be able to earn more points and we will no longer send any rewards.
While our rewards are no longer available, be assured that we will continue to prioritize your satisfaction and work towards exceeding your expectations.

Why can I still see a QR code printed inside my Viktor & Rolf fragrance pack, even if the program is closed?

Due to logistics & stock management reasons, you may still find a unique code inside Viktor & Rolf’s fragrances pack with informations about the Secret Rewards Program. However, the unique code will not be active after the 29 June and you will temporarily not be able to earn points by entering it.

Who can I contact to ask for help on Secret Rewards topic?

For any questions, requests or feedback don’t hesitate to write an email to